Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Ain't No Cure for the Summerland Blues...

It's Finally Here!

The long-promised Summerland Blues is live on Amazon. It's one of my favourite Space Princess adventures (ah, who am I kidding, they're all my favourites!) and I can promise a fun read for all who come round to check it out, so please do!

I've been absent from this blog for a while in a busy couple of months, so let's catch up on a few more things...

Sex & Sorcery 3!

I've been most remiss not to flag this title up here since its release. Not long ago, Uruk Press dropped the third instalment of the Sex & Sorcery anthology series. It is, if I do say so myself, cracking good stuff!

I'm especially happy to be a part of it since our first customer review describes it as the best outing yet, and refers to my own entry "The Ballad of Little Bird" as both "beautifully done" and "heartbreaking" -- which, dear reader, I must ruefully confirm is the intended effect. This really is one of my personal favourites of my erotic stories to date, and it's in company with some top-notch work by my fellow Uruk Press writers, including Dragon CoboltJamie MacFrey, Mak Long, Max Keith and more! Being a part of this particular anthology also introduced me to the work of the fabulously prolific Alana Melos, which was a very good thing. 


Meanwhile, there's so much more excitement on the way! 

We're now in the editing phase with the fifth Space Princess adventure, Day of the Bacchae. By now I know that erotica readers tend to be a literate lot, so I expect a few of those who see this will recognize the title as a reference to a certain Euripides play that ends with the blasphemous King Pentheus being torn apart by the priestesses of the usually happy-go-lucky patron deity of wine and good times, Dionysus. 

Personally, I've always pictured them kinda like this.
I trust it won't be too much of a spoiler if I tell you here that no, nobody's getting dismembered or beheaded in the Space Princess version of the old Euripides trope unless something really radical happens in edits. There is, however, some pretty vigorous femdom action and all-around sexual mania coming down the proverbial pipe; it's a wilder flavour of bikini space girl mayhem than any we've dished up before, and you won't want to miss it, so stay tuned!  

There's also another Space Princess surprise in the works: I can't tell you what it is yet, but I can promise you that if you've been reading the series thus far, you're going to like it!

Finally, I have a project in the works for the Biggest Blade imprint that I'm very excited about -- interracial hot-wife shenanigans FTW! -- so keep an eye out for one as well.

Allow me to Play you out...

With some theatre, this time! In honour of Euripides, here's a couple of takes on his classic play from YouTube. In the Kind of Unintentionally Funny column, we have the inimitable Terence Stamp on BBC:

And in a different mould altogether, Alan Cumming and Tony Curran:

Enjoy, and until next we meet... make sure to respect your local Bacchae. ☺

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