Saturday, 1 April 2017

Once Upon a Pocket Rocket

The erotic prequel adventures of bikini girls in spaaace!

From Fire and Ice, the 1983 Ralph Bakshi / Frank Frazetta feature.
So, as you can see in my "Reviewing the Situation" post, the Space Princess Season One omnibus is here, collecting the first five novellas together with plenty of Special Features content (check that link for information on the draw we're holding for a free copy). You can get the full low-down from Uruk Press, but I'm here to talk specifically about a new type of Space Princess adventure which we're debuting as one of those Special Features.

It's called the Pocket Rocket: a series of short adventures half the size of a normal Space Princess episode. The first group of Pocket Rocket adventures are conceived as prequels that delve into the backstories of the heroines of the S.S. Ecstasy (though don't let the word "backstories" fool you, these stories are stand-alone and you don't have to read the main episodes to fully enjoy them). "Whom Palaces Delight," exclusive to the omnibus, is set six years before the "current" voyage of the Ecstasy and shows the encounter -- a frontier adventure featuring a hunt for ancient treasure, a ruined jungle temple and a band of evil, horny cultists -- that brings Titania Hollander into the Space Princess Entertainment fold. 

Other Pocket Rocket adventures will be previewed as limited-time freebies on a number of different sites. The first of these freebies, "The Masquerade," is now live*. Be sure to check it out, rate and comment, and check this post for updates on further Pocket Rocket freebies. Enjoy!

(* Update: The Pocket Rocket freebies have now expired, but you can check out the complete suite of adventure shorts in the forthcoming collection.)

Allow Me to Play You Out...

... with a couple of sultry club bangers whose lyrics just happen to involve pocket rockets. In fact this Kimberley Cole track contains almost no other words:

While this entertainingly dirty-cute Static Revenger track is a bit more lyrically diverse and every bit as much fun:

(Listen for it...)

Til next time, gentle readers! May your pocket rocket be fully fuelled and ready for launch.

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