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Rocket To My Heart

The Pocket Rocket Freebies Have Expired! [UPDATE]

The complete Pocket Rockets Collection is going live on Amazon soon, which means the Pocket Rocket freebies are coming down. Nuku Vitani's "Cat-Scratch Fever" adventure is no longer live over on the venerable Storiesonline, but do continue to check out their content anyway. Here's what the story's promotional blurb had to say while it was up:

In the far-flung Edhae system, passenger shuttles ply the friendly spaceways between worlds and space stations. Staffed by a pair of comely stewardesses and the factory-issue Automatic Captain that supports them, Consolidated Flight ECS-727 seems mundane at first: but criminals have targeted someone aboard, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. It's up to catgirl Nuku Vitani to stop them, but torrid erotic perils await her if she hopes to prevail... much less come out with her job intact.

"Cat-Scratch Fever" showcases Nuku in her pre-Space Princess career as an interplanetary flight attendant of the sexiest sort, in an extended twenty thousand-word romp that includes bondage, femdom, toys, buttsecks, lesbian and bisexual play, devilish aphrodisiacs, naughty seductions, ruthless criminals and more. It will be included in the complete Pocket Rockets collection, coming soon!

Check out further Space Princess news under the break, including some hints at what's coming in Season Two. (Note: There's a gallery of NSFW Pics in this post.)

Destination: Fun! (The Pocket Rockets Collection)

Give it up once more for the cover art
of the badass Lady Amaranthine. 
Four Space Princess Pocket Rocket adventures have previously appeared in various venues:

  • "Whom Palaces Delight" -- a Titania Hollander prequel adventure originally exclusive to the Space Princess Season 1 Omnibus
  • "Masquerade" -- a prequel adventure starring the phlegmatic but lusty Kestan, which was live at Literotica. 
  • "The Secret of Buxton Beach" -- a Naomi Bell prequel adventure, was featured on Smashword and blogged in detail here
  • "Cat-Scratch Fever" -- Nuku Vitani's prequel turn at Storiesonline. 

These will now be collected along with a fifth prequel adventure, "Perfect Shadows" starring the inimitable Yilea Oona-yali. The fifth adventure will be exclusive to the edited and refined Pocket Rockets collection!

For those of you who haven't tried out a Pocket Rocket adventure yet, you can think of them as being roughly like what a half-hour televised episode adventure would be as opposed to a full hour: a more compact affair than a regular Space Princess adventure, not quite as epic in scope but still delivering a full and satisfying story with every outing. (And of course with the obvious difference of including much more edgy, hardcore sexual content than televised adventures of any show ever would.)

Aside from playing around a little more in the Space Princess universe, they should also whet the appetite for something else that's coming soon.

Space Princess S2: Gallery of Rejected Cover Art Ideas!

As I mentioned last post, I've begun work on Season Two of Space Princess, another five full and raunchy episodes of the adventures of Captain Hollander and the S.S. Ecstasy. I can't tell you the details of what's to come just yet, but what I can do is show you some of the retro images I corralled to provide source and pose ideas for cover art for each of the five books.

Of course I can only show you here the ideas we didn't use. And yet, in one way or another, each of these images still provides a little window into the erotic bikini-girl mayhem to come. They're also just plain hot vintage pics of beautiful women and that's pretty much never not a good thing.

So let me take you through few glimpses of the suggested poses, elements and ideas for what, for various reasons, are the covers that won't be:

One of several catfight pose ideas that had to be rejected for the season's first episode. Owed to From Russia With Love.

Maureen Renzen inspired a guest character who could have been a covergirl for a later ep, though we went a different route.

Costume ideas for that unused covergirl.

The iconic Susan Denberg, actual Star Trek starlet, inspires the look of a Space Princess beauty who nearly became a covergirl.

While Susan Hart was the inspiration for another such Space Princess crewmember.

Julie Ege was a suggested model for a returning villain who just missed landing her own cover...

... while "barbarians on thrones" was an idea for her cover than we ultimately decided against. This one is "Red Sonja" by Jay Anacleto.

Nikki Charm was a suggested model for a guest star character. (She was a raunchy porn star for her time or any other -- this is about as tame as surviving shots seem to get.)

The lovely Stella Stevens was the suggested basis for a guest  Space Princess character we ultimately didn't adopt as covergirl.

And finally some pose ideas for a latter episode that we decided against. Yes, that's the lovely Raquel Welch in the white bikini.

Hopefully that gives you an interesting glimpse of some of the ideas and inspirations that are flowing into Space Princess' second season!

Allow Me To Play You Out

If you like Pocket Rockets and want to check out full-scale Space Princess in all its glory, don't sleep on Season One and don't forget that the debut episode, The Fourth Rule, is now free on Smashwords. A galaxy full of erotic delights indeed! Enjoy, dear readers, and allow me to play you out with a forgotten Eighties classic from Paul Janz, "Rocket To My Heart":

And the similarly-titled "Rocket To Your Heart" synth-wave rarity by Lisa:

Until next time!

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