Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Peep Show

... or, an Unusual Story About a Strange Hunger

I don't spend too much time talking on this blog about my stories on Literotica, partly because I'm often focused here on published work that I'm selling. That said, I do owe the site a shout-out or two, as putting up work there led directly to my current work with Uruk Press and to connections with many fine writers and readers of erotica. And I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about a new work I've posted there this week. Details after the jump.

My Very First (& Likely Only) Preeving Epic

This story tackles some rather unusual subject matter. My first encounter with this subject matter was mention -- in a Cracked article of all things -- of orgies that used to take place at old-timey adult movie theatres (and that presumably do still take place at those that remain). As described there, these orgies are close to the un-sexiest thing imaginable -- essentially swarms of sexually-desperate men drenching a willing woman in semen at the behest of a partner who brings her to the threatre, basically something like bukkake porn with even less eroticism -- and on encountering the story I sort of filed it away and forgot about it as one of those weird little trivia items. 

Baltimore's last adult theatre.
That was until I came across a description of this kind of activity from the other side of one of those orgies, from one of the women -- self-described as "cumsluts" -- who used to attend them. By those in the know, the act of paying tribute to a "cumslut" in one of these venues was called "preeving," and her description of the mindset and the urges that motivated her, and the climactic satisfaction she derived from partaking, was fascinating. Even compelling.

Suddenly, this did begin to sow the ideas for an erotic story: one which tried to imagine what it might be like to have this kind of fetish for someone who didn't have a safety net to work with -- a husband, a job, a home -- or a landscape dotted with adult theatres in which to satisfy it. How might these kinds of appetites play out, and what sort of trouble could they get you into?

The result of this idea is the story called Strange Hunger. It's arguably a somewhat darker and moodier story than you'll generally find in my books, and it certainly takes a different tack on erotica from my usual fare. I hadn't originally planned to write it at all, but some stories just take hold of you, and I'm pleased to share this one, which I feel pretty confident is different enough from my other work talking about this won't be taking away from works like Space Princess or The Honeytrap. I'm fairly sure it's one of the few 37,000-word erotic epics about preeving that you'll find anywhere on the net. Be warned that it's graphic and not for the faint of heart, but I hope you enjoy it, and please do feel free to leave feedback if you do.

Oh, and one more thing...

Rude as the News

I needed rough and tumble street characters to tell this story, which suggested bringing in another sort of character I have a weakness for: skinbyrds, skinhead girls or "rude girls." My thing for this particular cohort of the female sex is kind of conflicted because a large swathe of skinhead culture is of course identified with racism -- although racism isn't so universally characteristic of skins as some people think -- and I'm really not so much for the racism. That said, many a skinbyrd out there is still killer sexy (I suppose for me they're a kind of exotica, in their own way) and I've written a few stories featuring them; the protagonists of "Strange Hunger" are both skinbyrds, of the non-racist variety, and references to the scene and its music pop up throughout the story.

You either get it or you don't. :)

So in honour of the rudies, let me play you out with a selection of the music referenced in "Strange Hunger." 

Enjoy, and see you again soon, gentle readers.

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