Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Ready to Smash!

Cyrano Johnson comes to Smashwords, plus more smashing news & content!

Hello again, dear readers. I have some great Space Princess news for you this week: we have a new freebie live on Smashwords and more content forthcoming for that site very soon! I've also got a brand-new erotic fiction review for you, covering a pair of books by the dynamic duo of Brixton and Vera Atwood. Let's dig in under the jump!

Space Princess Freebies on Smashwords

I talk in a bit of detail about the Space Princess series in all its erotic bikini-girls-in-space glory in this post, and for those who'd like to get an introduction to the series, I now have excellent news. The very first adventure of Titania Hollander and the sexy crew of the S.S. Ecstasy is now available for free in multiple formats on Smashwords. You can pick up your free copy of The Fourth Rule now!

The next of the Space Princess "Pocket Rocket" short adventures is also coming very soon for Smashwords. Each of these shorts features a prequel story that gives us another look at the core cast members of Space Princess--the first, featuring Captain Hollander, is exclusive to the Season One omnibus and the second, featuring the phlegmatic but lusty Lieutenant Kestan, is still live for a limited time on LiteroticaThe Secret of Buxton Beach will feature the ever-plucky Dr. Naomi Bell before her Space Princess Entertainment days (or her days as a doctor) in a futuristic, erotic sleuthing adventure that you won't want to miss. So stay tuned and be sure to take the opportunity to check it out when it arrives!

Pop Culture on the Rocks: Brixton Atwood

As someone with an ongoing project that mashes up retro pop culture and erotica, it's only natural that I'd be drawn to writers with the same kinds of tendencies. One of my favourite recent discoveries in our... can I call it a "field"? "Field" sounds a little stuffy and donnish; let's call it a clubhouse. A favourite discovery in the clubhouse is Brixton Atwood, who has some extremely fun titles available on Amazon (you can see their full page linked above the jump).

I started my foray into Atwood-icana with The Haunted House of Ill-Repute, wherein a sexy but bickering couple en route to a Halloween party find themselves stranded by a car wreck near a mysterious bordello surrounded by tarantulas and spooky stage-coaches. On making their way to the house they encounter a cast of bizarre characters seemingly living in a different age, hosted by a swishy madame who keeps bringing Elvira to mind. Sexy hijinks and spookiness ensues, topped off with a satisfying final twist.

Here is Larkin Love as Elvira because of reasons.
This one is apparently co-authored by Brixton and his editor and wife Vera, and both authors really know their way around their deliciously cornball B-movie premise; with its content at once graphic and playful, it feels almost like a Halloween-themed porn parody rendered into prose, and that thematic confidence and sense of zany fun sets it apart from a lot of your more generic erotica outings. The writing is strong and assured with very few lapses, the sexual content is deliriously explicit and nasty and the whole business is briskly paced, with little in the way of wasted words. So there is plenty to enjoy, here.

In fact, you know you're dealing with a good book when the chief complaint to be had is that it leaves the reader wanting more. I would have loved to see the sex scenes given more room to breathe and to benefit from slowing down and lingering over the details here and there, from time to time the proceedings can feel a little rushed. In general it feels like we're just getting to explore the haunted house and all its possibilities when the story wraps up; ergo if Brixton and Vera ever wanted to do a "director's cut" of this story, I think the results could be tremendously rewarding. That said, this title is still well worth checking out as-is.

Of Girls Just Wanna Have Cum, Brixton has said

"This is the book that I have always wanted to write and maybe even the one I will want to be remembered by. I was able to download all of my knowledge of sleazy 1980’s VHS movies into a single, action-packed storyline. Ouija Board, lingerie parties, spandex dance wear, college girls showering together—this book has it all." 

I was pretty taken by this premise, and I have to say the book genuinely delivers. Shoulder pads! Leg-warmers! Crimped hair! Horny nerds with hidden cameras, and foxy oversexed coeds with a fondness for getting naked, and hijinks all around! This really is a book so quintessentially Eighties it would make a guy in a zip-up piano-key necktie stop in his tracks and do the Care Bear Stare. This is a book so Eighties I could practically see those wavy lines you used to get on well-used VHS tapes as I was reading it. This is a book so Eighties that it gave me auditory hallucinations of Seka mingled with memories of listening to Ronald Reagan say he did not trade arms for hostages. 

In other words, the retro-Eighties conceit does indeed land. I might even venture to say that only due to its brevity is this not yet the Stranger Things of satirical smut. I mean, you know an author isn't fucking around when he composes his own synth-wave music for the book trailer...  and it's good!

That said, for as much as it comes smothered in a rich sauce of clever Eighties pop culture references and has obvious appeal for those of us blessed (or afflicted) with Eighties nostalgia, Girl Just Wanna Have Cum is also sexy enough, and balls-to-the-wall enough about its sexiness, to have a broader appeal too. The sex is lush, lavish and playful and the set-ups both inventive and amusing, and oddly enough, it never feels rushed in this context. Of course you will find yourself wanting more--a lot more--by the end, but in the best possible way. I believe there are plans to make this into a series if there's enough demand, and all I can say is I hope that Brixton gets there. This would make for a great series.

Allow Me to Play You Out

And the LORD said, let there be synth-wave.

See you soon, dear readers! I'll be back.

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